Exhibitions & Installations

Here you can discover the permanent WONDER exhibitions and installations. For the programme of one-off events and workshops, click here.
Organised by: IVC Commercial en Designregio Kortrijk
HOMAGE, to the perspectives of Enzo Mari
Organised by: Howest, Industrieel Productontwerpen
TYYYPOëzie installatie
Organised by: Openbare Bibliotheek Kortrijk, Letterzetter van Kortrijk
Timeless Waves installatie
Organised by: Intercommunale Leiedal
Anatomy of a scene
Organised by: Howest, Digital arts & entertainment
Graduation Show
Organised by: Howest, Digital design & development
Stories of product innovation
Organised by: Designregio Kortrijk
Designers in Residence Kortrijk
Organised by: Designregio Kortrijk
Organised by: Designregio Kortrijk
Organised by: Letterzetter van Kortrijk, Openbare Bibliotheek Kortrijk
Summer School: Living Waterscapes
Organised by: Start@K, Bolwerk en Eiland Collective
Your ideal office?
Organised by: Designregio Kortrijk